why people eat potatoes ?

1. Heated, potatoes are essentially sans fat sustenance.

2. They are an extraordinary wellspring of starches, the principle wellspring of vitality in the body (truth be told. They ought to speak to in any event a large portion of the day by day calories).

3. Potatoes are a decent wellspring of fiber (which directs intestinal travel) and encourage the stomach related capacity. Cooked with skin contain more fiber, be that as it may, must be cautious and not eat it on the off chance that it is stained or has marks.

4. The potatoes additionally give vitamin C. In spite of the fact that there are many products of the soil juices containing vitamin C, no other boring nourishment contains such amount as potatoes.

5. They additionally contain a few vitamins B. These vitamins have many capacities in the body, incorporating a vital part in the digestion of sugars to give vitality and keep up solid skin and sensory system.

6 are additionally a decent wellspring of potassium, and contain little measures of different minerals, for example, magnesium and iron.

7. Simply don't contain sodium (which together with chloride frames salt). The wellbeing proposals recommend not expend excessively salt in view of the connection between sodium consumption and the danger of (hypertension

8. The potatoes can be extremely helpful for the individuals who need to shed pounds or keep from picking up. A normal serving of cooked skinless (180 g) potato contains around 140 calories a much lower vitality content than a similar measure of cooked pasta (286 calories) or bubbled rice (248 calories). Nonetheless, these individuals ought to be watchful on the grounds that the vitality substance of the chips can be twofold or triple that of the bubbled or cooked potatoes, making them less reasonable for those needing to get more fit.

9. Another intriguing for the individuals who need to put on weight angle is that potatoes have a high satiety file. An examination on the impacts on satiety of various nourishments found that potatoes have a satiety list three times higher than a similar measure of calories from white bread.

10. To the individuals who must take after a sans gluten consume less calories and can not eat numerous regular sustenances, for example, bread, pasta and most breakfast oats, potatoes are vital. They don't contain gluten and can be expended uninhibitedly by the individuals who must maintain a strategic distance from or incline toward not to eat wheat for different reasons.