Things You Shouldn’t Do While Pregnant

Being pregnant is a mysterious time and the one which you should truly embrace. Really a life-altering event, the one which will make you find out about yourself - your durability, character and body and the one that should in order to bring you deeper to your partner, keeping in mind, at the end of the eight months, you'll have a beautiful baby - your own flesh and blood vessels - in your biceps and triceps!

Healthy diet during pregnancy

Consume Alcoholic beverages


Drinking alcoholic beverages is a huge no-no and should be avoided through your entire pregnancy. People young and old may believe a goblet or two is okay, especially wine - it's good for the heart right? Maybe so, but while your pregnant, lock the bottles up in your drinking cabinet. The presumption that the occasional cup of vino - or any alcohol for instance - does no harm, is merely that, an assumption, and a wrong one too.


Now this your fairly obvious. We're not here to preach, but smoking isn't great for your health anyway, but now you're pregnant, is actually definitely time to throw away the cigarette sticks. Evidently, every cigarette you smoke cigarettes completes in about an hour off your life; we don't want to be morbid or be reduced to scaremongering, but even if this is somewhat true, imagine what it's doing to your fetus - a baby that hasn't even started its life - in the total sense - yet! Let's tell you.


Another clear one here, but the one that must be on this list all the same. Any junk - including prescription drugs I might add, get across the placenta and can probably harm the developing unborn child. Now of course, illegitimate drugs, drugs that contain a greater likelihood of injuring you, also have a greater risk of doing harm to your fetus.


Too Much Caffeine

In the case of pregnant women, too much caffeine means anything in excess of 200mg a day - that's a can of coke, a couple of teas or a tiny chocolate bar - something that really should not too difficult to stick to. So for those of you that wish to begin your day with a steaming mug of espresso, an individual substitute this for some water instead. Only reduce your caffeine consumption. Limit yourself to a little something in the morning, sip it little by little so that it last, savour the taste and then eventually, you'll learn to get by.

Eat Everything 

The term 'eating for two' is often employed by a lot of pregnant women as an excuse to gorge themselves on their favourite treats. But this can be dangerous, as there is a fairly intensive set of foods that should be avoided. Food which may have a high focus of probably harmful bacterias; certain mouldy cheeses, natural meat and fish (shellfish is a no-no! ) and other food and drinks potentially ladened with harmful bacteria shouldn't be consumed.

Spend Lots Of Time In Busy Areas

Now this point was obviously a tricky one to title. We're not advising you to spend a whole day indoors with the home windows shut. But if you stay in a built-up area, or an area where there's lots of traffic and therefore lots of pollution, it's best to steer clear of these areas as much as possible, especially during the first three months of your pregnancy.

Getting Exhausted

things you shouldn't do while pregnant

Again, easier said than done, but it's suggested that is made a mindful effort to settle chilled, calm and move through your motherhood as serenely as is feasible. Receiving depressed (antenatal depression is more common than you think; pregnancy isn't a joyous occasion for everyone, so if you or someone else recognise that you're getting depressed, seek some help! you're not alone! ), or extremely upset and stressed could pose a number of problems and adversely have an effect on your wellbeing plus your expected baby's health.


Becoming pregnant certainly isn't the time to go on a diet. People being concerned about your weight keep in mind, you're carrying your soon-to-be baby inside you so gaining up to 26lb is therefore completely normal. Your body's going to be storing fat, making preparations to make breasts milk and will be doing everything possible to support your fetus from a nutritional standpoint.

 Sauna or Hot steam Room

Hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms are meant to be hot - hot enough to cause you to sweat and detoxify. Very much like sun bathing can, this can raise your core body temperature, possibly to elegance level. Any kind of raise in core body temperature is dangerous, but more so when pregnant. It can cause lacks and harm you, therefore potentially harming your growing fetus.

Avoid Ignoring Any kind of Danger Signs

Despite you not planning to bother your doctor, call him / her up over every little thing. Don't allow this stop you getting yourself looked at if you think something is wrong. You'll know when something isn't quite right, when those aches and pains become difficult to handle or when most likely getting excessive cramps or sickness. You should seek assistance of a good gynaecologist or gynaecology clinic 

Strenuous Exercise

Training is good - go for a moderate depth walk or doing a few stretches and a light workout can do wonders for your health as well as your baby's. But drive it too far, and it really might lead to more harm than good. There is no need to do Olympic style workouts even though you're pregnant. Yoga Classes in a nice Yoga studio could be a very good solution

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