6 tips to reduce belly fat | how to reduce belly fat

Belly fat is always painful  . Millions of people have extra in the stomach, it becomes visible, sometimes  they are in dangerous for health. When the fibres of the stomach are covered with long armor, the stomach fat is not so easily to remove. Rather than start growing once. Here's some tips to follow to reduce belly fat.
It continued to grow. Many people just sit down to eat stomach fat to eat. By doing this, there is no profit. Rather the opposite happens. By eating properly, you can reduce belly fat quickly.

Want to know how? Let's learn how to do some useful work to reduce fat stomach.   how to reduce belly fat

1) Eat food after 3 hours

Forget about eating 3 hours a day. Eat breakfast every 3 hours
Practice. Eat a small quantity that will provide you 3 hours of energy. In it
You will not get fat in your stomach. Eat something every 3 hours
The demand for unhealthy diet will be met. And you're healthy food
To lean more towards the side.

2) Keep calculation of how many calories you ve taken

Suppose you need 2450 calories in your day according to your age, body height and weight
There are also. If you do not have to sleep during the rest of the day and play it after 3 hours
The bars are eaten. In this case, you will receive calories every time (2,450 / 6 = 408) 408
Calories Thus, calculating calories is helpful in reducing your stomach fat quickly.

3) Take good fat, remove bad fat

Extra Oily foods which are especially responsible for stomach fat, including good fat
Worse than fat. Saucer oil is fried foods, which contain trance
Stop eating foods such as fat and hydrogenate fatty foods.
Keep it aside in the food stored in Essential Fatty Acids, eg omega 3 fatty acids.
It does not get stomach fat.

4) Take 1 g of protein for every pound weight

Protein is very helpful in building our body and it has a lot of time in the stomach
Keep us free of unhealthy eating habits. If your weight is 140
If you have pounds, you should eat 140 g of protein in your day. And 6 times the food
Every time (140/6 = 23.33) 23.33 grams of protein should be eaten.

5) Eat natural carbohydrate foods, not processed

Processed carbohydrate foods contain only bad fat but on the other hand it is absolutely
Natural carbohydrate is much better for the body. Excluding carbohydrates
You can not reduce weight and belly fat.

6) Drink plenty of water

Always keep a water bottle and drink a little water every 15 minutes
Please. If you are a man, then 3.5 liters and 2.5 liters of water in this way
Build habit of drinking. By doing this, the unhygienic fat-free drink on this summer day
Less interest in drinking will be reduced. And you can get rid of stomach fat.