Diet for overweight kids.

Most of the children are suffering from over-weight problems due to lifestyle conditions
Responsible family They do not even have the benefit of blaming them for this. Because, wake up early in the morning
Going to school, then watching TV back home or play video games. As a result, physical
The activity is very low. And my parents are so busy that Tiffin is always busy for kids
It is also not possible to make the food because of external foods.
There are many who give children what they want to eat to avoid turmoil. In the study
It has been found that most children over 10 years of age are over 25 years of age
Going to age, Obus becomes. So you have to be careful, keeping weight normal,
How do they do weight gain?
Always tell your daughter or boy how important it is to be fit. Weight extra
Improves the damage to the body when it is increased. And food hubby
In the case of all children, this problem is now the problem.

The food attracts a lot more attention, so the food of the house is not on their face. But then
It does not benefit from blaming them. If the taste of food is not good, then who can eat?
Or like it To make you plan your child’s diet wisely
Will be The food will be so that it will have proper nutrition and delicious to eat. Rose is the same
Have a little refresh and eat without food. External Junk Food Replacement
Find out. For example, your daughter wants to eat burgers, not buy from the store
Make the house with you. Use whit bread or multigrain bread and its
Make patty with soybeans, carrots, and bins. Deep frying, non stick
Make a light roast. If the taste of food remains, then only you will see
Your child will forget to eat the food and eat the food himself.

You can give chicken sandwich to Tiffin. Sometimes the flour, milk, eggs,
Plucked pancakes with drizzle. If not, roll with vegetables and chicken
(Of course with less oil) made. Dinner with tiffin a few dates daily
Give it to me. But all the food can be made at home. Besides serving food
Serve as beautifully as you like. This will increase interest in her eating. More
See the kids will learn by seeing the elderly. So with him you too but as much
Possible outdoor eating will be less. But it is very easy to exercise with food
Needed. Ask your daughter to make jogging, skipping, yoga This is definitely weight